Policy: Role of Board Treasuer


Section: NLLS Board | Chapter: Vision and Policy Statements | Page(s): 1

Subject: ROLE of BOARD TREASURER | Sec 2, 1R

Reviewed: NEW | Revised: NEW | Effective: 2021/05/29

  1. The role of the Treasurer is to work with administration to ensure the integrity of the Northern Lights Library System budget, to draft motions pursuant to the budget, and to ensure the budget reflects the strategic goals of the system. They act as liaison between system administration and the Executive Committee on matters of budget.
  2. The Treasurer:
    1. Is elected by and from within the Executive Committee
    2. Represents the interests of the Board in discussions and development of the system budget with administration
    3. Presents motions to the board pursuant to the budget, whereas the Executive Director communicates about and reports on the financial matters of the system to the Board and other stakeholders
    4. Reviews the budget to ensure it reflects the strategic priorities identified by the Board
    5. Does not have authority to advise administration beyond policies created by the Board
    6. The Board Chair or Vice Chair, in the event of the absence or disability of the Treasurer, will assume and perform the duties and function of the Treasurer
    7. Does not have signing authority
    8. It is expected that the Treasurer will meet (in-person or virtually) 5-8 times per year with administration


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