Policy: Committees of the Board


Section: NLLS Board | Chapter: Vision and Policy Statements | Page(s): 1

Subject: COMMITTEES OF THE BOARD | Sec 2, 1H Appendix T

Reviewed: 2021/03/30 | Revised: 2021/05/29 | Effective: 2021/02/26

  1. The Northern Lights Library System Board shall appoint members of all committees at the Annual Organization Meeting. Alternates of the board may not be a part of any committees.
  2. Wherever possible the committees will have equal representation of one (1) member from each of the zones. Appointed zone member may or may not be the zone rep on the executive, depending on the terms of reference for the committee, and shall be appointed by a vote of the members of that zone. Where a fifth (5) member is required, that member shall be appointed from and by the general membership.
  3. All committees shall ensure that minutes are recorded and distributed to the Executive to be presented to the Board where appropriate. Committee reports shall be made by the committee chair or designate at all regular meetings. Appendix T- General Reporting Form
  4. Committees are to review the Terms of Reference at their first meeting following the Annual General Meeting.
  5. Committees of the NLLS Board are:
    1. Executive Committee - up to 10 members
    2. Grievance Committee - 5 members – as required by committee chair
    3. Building Committee - 5 members – as required by the Executive Committee
    4. Policy Committee - 5 members
    5. Plan of Service Committee - 5 members – as required by the Executive Committee
    6. Executive Director Evaluation Committee - Chair, Vice Chair and one (1) other Executive Committee nominee.
    7. Advocacy Committee - 5 members – as required by the Executive Committee
  6. The NLLS Board may appoint ad-hoc committees of one or more members. A standing committee may strike a sub-committee of the standing committee.
  7. All committees, with the exception of the Executive Committee, have advisory powers only.
  8. Agenda Additions are to be vetted for FOIP concerns by the Committee Chair and the Executive Director prior to the meeting. FOIP items will then be addressed in closed session.
  9. No internal committee communication protected under FOIP shall be shared outside of committee members (except for the board chair) without the approval of the Executive Committee. Violation of this protocol shall result in removal from all committees.
  10. Mandate statements of standing committees shall be approved by the Northern Lights Library System Board.
  11. The Board Chair is not ex officio, and not required to attend committees, however, can attend without compensation.
  12. In the event of a municipal election year, any person elected to any committee(s) will hold that position for two years plus or minus the difference between the next staggered zone election.
  13. Any, and all, members sitting on any NLLS committees must attend all meetings; members who miss two (2) meetings within the two-year term will be removed from the committee and new representation from your zone or an at large member will be required. Absence(s) must be approved by the committee chair. Member(s) are required to provide notification of attendance.
  14. All committee meetings will require an attendance sheet and minutes. Minutes to be distributed to all members of the Executive Committee after meeting.

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