Policy: Signing Authority


Section: Finance | Chapter: General | Page(s): 1

Subject: SIGNING AUTHORITY | Sec 3, 1E

Reviewed: 2022/10/04 | Revised: 2022/10/14 | Effective: 2022/11/25

  1. Two (2) signatures are required on all cheques and online payments against any Northern Lights Library System (NLLS) bank accounts. At least one of the two signatures for these accounts shall be that of a designated Board Member.
  2. In the event an authorized Board member’s signature is not available in a timely manner, the Executive Director and the Finance Officer may sign a cheque upon email approval from the Board Chair or board signing authority if the Board Chair is not available.
  3. Signing officers shall be the Executive Director or the Finance Officer, the Board Chairman and two (2) others from the Executive Committee.
  4. The Executive Director and the Finance Officer shall have access to the safety deposit box. 

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