Policy: Policy Making


Section: NLLS Board | Chapter: Vision and Policy Statements | Page(s): 2

Subject: POLICY MAKING | Sec 2, 1N

Reviewed: 2021/11/19 | Revised: 2022/03/04 | Effective: 2017/05/13

  1. The Board is responsible for the policies adopted by Northern Lights Library System.
  2. The Board believes that policies provide parameters for the action of the Board, its committees, staff, and member libraries. The Board expects Northern Lights Library System’s people to know the policies related to their duties.
  3. Northern Lights Library System Board exercises responsible governance by establishing policies as per The Library Regulation, which forms a framework within which the Northern Lights Library System Board and staff will carry out their duties.
  4. The Northern Lights Library System Board with assistance from administration, regularly reviews existing policies to ensure that they are up to date, in keeping with the government legislation and regulations, and reflecting evolving needs of the System.
    1. All policies are reviewed annually.
    2. The most current Plan of Service shall supply content guidance.
    3. A list of policies, together with prescribed reviewed dates of each policy, shall be maintained for the Board for their review.
    4. Policies requiring revision shall be presented to the Executive Committee for review before proceeding to a vote of the Board.
    5. Policy review dates will be expressly recorded on the policy, tracked, and acknowledged through signature by the Board Chair.
  5. Policies shall be:
    1. Proposed by any stakeholder in the operation and management of Northern Lights Library System to the Executive Committee via the Board Policy Review Committee.
    2. Monitored by the Executive Director and Executive Committee.
    3. Approved by the Board as a whole.

Policy Development

  1. Policies will be developed and reviewed by the Board Policy Review committee with assistance from NLLS staff and administration throughout the calendar year.
  2. The Executive Director will maintain a schedule for annual review of all policies, and bring forward new and updated policies to the Policy Review Committee.
  3. The Board Policy Review Committee will:
    1. track all policies and faithfully record review dates.
    2. draft, revise, or update policies as requested by the Executive Committee.
    3. review all policies annually and regularly bring policies forward to the Executive Committee for review or revision when required.
    4. forward electronically all policies and policy revisions to the Executive Director to distribute to all staff for their feedback a minimum of five (5) business days before presentation to the Executive Committee.
    5. consider all feedback and policies submitted by staff, or interested stakeholders, and act in the best interest of Northern Lights Library System.
  4. The Executive Committee will:
    1. consider all policies submitted by the Board Policy Review Committee, and act in the best interest of Northern Lights Library System.
    2. forward electronically all policies they approve for adoption or revision to the entire Board and NLLS staff 21 days before a vote is taken.

  1. The Board will:
    1. Individually review all new or revised policies in advance of any vote.
    2. Provide feedback, concerns, or questions regarding proposed policies to the Executive Committee and/or Policy Review Committee Chair at least 48 hours prior to the meeting scheduled for vote.
  2. When presenting the Board new or revised policies for a vote:
    1. they will be presented as a package (an omnibus motion).
    2. motions to remove one (1) or more policies from the policy package (omnibus motion) for a separate vote will be entertained.
    3. amendments of policies will not be entertained at the General Board meetings.
    4. defeated policies will be sent back to the Policy Review Committee for further review.

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