Policy: Board Honoraria and Expenses


Section: NLLS Board | Chapter: Vision and Policy Statements | Page(s): 2


Reviewed: 2021/11/19 | Revised: 2022/03/04 | Effective: 2017/05/13

  1. Northern Lights Library System does not pay honoraria for attendance at regular Board meetings.
  2. Northern Lights Library System pays an honorarium to Board authorized members for attending committee meetings.
  3. Northern Lights Library System reimburses Board authorized members for expenses when attending committee meetings and other Board authorized functions including conferences.
  4. Meals, mileage, and accommodation expenses for Board members shall be reimbursed as outlined in the NLLS travel policy.
  5. The Executive Committee shall review this policy annually.
  6. NLLS will provide honorarium to committee members as follows:



Executive Committee


Board Standing Committee


Board Ad Hoc Committee


Regular Board Meeting


Committee Chairs


Online meeting under 60  minutes




  1. When a member attends multiple paid meetings in the same day their honorarium will be no greater than $250.00.
  2. The library, represented by the chair of the Library Managers’ Council, shall receive an honorarium of $100.00/Board meeting attended to a maximum of $250.00/day.
  3. The Chair of the NLLS Board shall receive an honorarium of $100.00/month. This honorarium will be paid at the Annual General Meeting of the Board or at the resignation of the chair, whichever comes first.
  4. NLLS will pay professional development expenses to a maximum of $2,500.00/year for the Board Chair or their designate. Professional development endeavours will be approved by motion of the Executive Committee prior to the expense being incurred.

  1. NLLS does not pay Board honoraria for attendance at, or meetings held at professional development opportunities unless preapproved by motion of the Executive Committee.
  2. Expense claims for meeting attendance outside Board Chair regular duties will be reported in the Board Chairs regular report to the Executive Committee.

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