Policy: Role of Board Chair


Section: NLLS Board | Chapter: Vision and Policy Statements | Page(s): 1

Subject: ROLE OF BOARD CHAIR | Sec 2, 1D

Reviewed: 2021/11/19 | Revised: 2022/03/04 | Effective: 2017/05/13

  1. The role of the Chair is:
    1. To ensure the integrity of the Board’s governance.
    2. To represent the Board to outside parties in accord with positions consistent with Board policies and resolutions.
    3. To uphold the Board’s own policies and rules and those legitimately imposed upon the Board from outside the organization.
    4. To chair Board meetings with all the commonly accepted powers of a meeting Chair, including ruling and recognizing; with the goal of keeping deliberations timely, fair and orderly.
    5. To restrict meeting agendas and discussion to matters of Board governance.
    6. To make governing decisions within the policies and direction of the Board.
    7. To chair the Advocacy Committee.
    8. To attend the Library Managers’ Council meetings.
  2. The Vice Chair, in the absence of the Chair, is the de facto designate and will assume and perform the duties and functions of the Chair.
  3. The Board Chair or designate Is not ex officio, and not required to attend all committees, however, may attend without compensation.

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