Policy: Spyware and Spam Control


Section: NLLS Employee(s) | Chapter: Code of Ethics | Page(s): 1

Subject: SPYWARE and SPAM CONTROL | Sec 1, 3K

Reviewed:  2018/09/08    | Revised: 2018/09/08 | Effective: 2017/05/13

  1. In recognition of the inherent danger associated with downloaded programs, it shall be policy not to download applications from the internet unless specifically required for business related functions, or for users to install programs not provided by the NLLS IT department.
  2. IT employee(s) are specifically directed to restrict user rights for employee(s) found in violation of the above policy and/or implement the required technical means to enforce this policy.

SPAM (junk or unsolicited email) Control

  1. Spam is an issue which represents a serious challenge to both worker productivity and system resources due to being a governmental body, NLLS email servers are inherently more exposed than other domains, and hence additional caution is needed. Employee(s)cooperation in controlling spam is thus governed by the following policy:
  1. Employee(s) will, as far as reasonably possible, not share their own email or that of other NLLS Employees with 3rd parties, unless required to do so for a legitimate business reason.
  2. Employee(s) will avoid adding their email to mailing lists of any kind, unless they fully trust the source, and have a business reason for being part of a mailing list. (Technical user groups, professional memberships, are an example of an acceptable mailing list to join).
  3. Employee(s) will refrain from opening or forwarding "chain" emails that have been sent to or received by many people and will follow additional anti-spam guidance as provided by the IT department.
  4. NLLS employee(s) shall refrain from doing mass mailings that are not work related, especially if they involve large file attachments such as video files, high resolution pictures, or similar high resource usage elements.


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