Policy: Internet and Computer Usage


Section: NLLS Employee(s) | Chapter: Code of Ethics | Page(s): 1

Subject: INTERNET and COMPUTER USAGE | Sec 1, 3J

Reviewed 2021/11/19 | Revised: 2022/05/04 | Effective: 2017/05/13


Incorporated in the Privacy Issues Policy

  1. Background

This policy outlines best practices and expectations regarding use of computers and other technology in the workplace.

  1. General Principle
    1. The guiding principle for both computer and internet usage at Northern Lights Library System (NLLS) is that these are resources paid for and owned by the system, being used by employees on NLLS time.
    2. NLLS has no objection to employees using computer resources on their own time for routine and benign matters such as internet browsing, booking flights, checking email, doing online banking, or similar matters, however personal usage should be restricted to breaks, lunchtime, or before or after hours, and should be consistent with other guidelines in this policy.
  2. Restricted Uses
  1. The following are absolutely prohibited types of internet sites to be visited, ever, under any circumstances:

i.     Gambling sites

ii.    Adult content sites

iii.   Unapproved file sharing sites

iv.   Other sites deemed to represent a security risk by NLLS IT employee(s)

  1. In addition, sites not related to NLLS business activities should be viewed with great discretion with regard to content others may find offensive, sexist, racist, or otherwise inconsistent with a tolerant and inclusive workplace.
  2. Similar discretion shall be exercised with email correspondence, to ensure it is also consistent with the guidelines for internet usage.
  3. Technology Services and Infrastructure (TSI) employee(s), under the direction of the Executive Director, may be directed to restrict user rights for employee(s) found in violation of the above policy, and/or implement the required technical means to enforce this policy.
  1. Email
    1. Professional business practices shall be adhered to in respect to the creation and content of email records.
    2. Emails are a record belonging to Northern Lights Library System (NLLS) and will be retained and backed up according to current industry best practices.
    3. If there is a need to include confidential information, mark your text as “confidential” in the subject line.
    4. As a NLLS record, emails are subject to FOIP (Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy) legislation.
    5. NLLS staff must use email systems provided by NLLS and not personal email accounts for business purposes.
  2. Privacy
    1. Anything created or stored on a NLLS computer and/or network device, is subject to the provisions of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP).
    2. NLLS will strive to maintain the privacy of its employees with respect to email and other content on computers assigned them for work.
    3. NLLS will not actively monitor email communication or other computer usage.
    4. In the case of a cyber-security threat, incident, internal investigation, or legal requirement TSI staff may be required to access and provide emails and other computer information to third-parties.
    5. The Staff Network Policy must be adhered to by NLLS staff.

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