Submitting Cat Sheets


  • There is a limit of no more than 24 items (2 full cataloguing sheets) per week 
  • 6 Rush items is the weekly limit. 
  • Do not mix Rush with regular cataloguing materials – please use a separate  Cat Sheet.
  • No items on the Cat Sheet will be processed – this includes re-packaging of A\V material, laminating, and mactacking. We send the printed label sheets with each completed cataloging sheet.
  • Submit one Cat Sheet per upload.
  • When you submit the form, you will receive an email. Please print this email off and include it with your items in the  next van run.

Things to Remember: 

  • The packing list of items to be catalogued has been typed out, and all listed items are included; 
  • All items have been property stamped by the owning library; 
  • All items have an appropriate NLLS book barcode attached in the correct spot; 
  • Ensure that the Cat Sheet is filled out completely – Every column should have content (except Notes);  
  • Check items in at library upon arrival. 

Please upload a digital copy of your Cat Sheet packing list below.


Please check the applicable boxes. Only select boxes under Rush Items if items are Rush Items.
If items are Rush, please check off appropriate boxes.
Fields marked with * are required.
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