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Hello everyone, in an effort to continue to refine our processes, we have begun to gather our social media content in the Marketing Materials Channel on TEAMS. There you will find a folder for each Quarter's content. These folders are organized by name, after the year and quarter they contain. Ex) 22Q4 or 23Q1 
ALSO, if you were unaware, you can click on the top right drop-down menu "All Documents," select "Tiles" and view the files as images.

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NEW! Editable Canva Files

If you wish to EDIT the content we create-- follow the links to the "View Only" files, Click <File> select "Make a Copy" and Voila! You can add your own logos or change the language or images as you see fit!

2023 Q4 - click link to GO EDIT!

October Themes  | October Engagement | October eResources

November Themes | November Engagement | November eResources

December Themes | December Engagement | December eResources



Past Social Media Content Ideas

Collection Promotion   eResource Promotion   Social Media Graphic
  eResources via Source | Social Media Graphic via NLLS other sources cited

2023 Q3 - click link to GO EDIT!

July Themes  | July Engagement | July eResources

August Themes | August Engagement | August eResources

September Themes | September Engagement | September eResources

2022 Q4 - click icon to view


Week 1: 2-8 New ReleasesEngagement Question Hobbies & Crafts  Thanksgiving Closed

Week 2: 9-15 New ReleasesEngagement Question Solaro 1 Solaro 2 Happy Thanksgiving

Week 3: 16-22 New ReleasesEngagement Question Auto Repair Happy Diwali

Week 4: 23-29 New ReleasesEngagement Question Cloud Library Teentober


Week 5: 30-5 New Releases Engagement Question Hoopla Daylight Savings

Week 6: 6-12 New Releases Engagement QuestionAncestry.ca Remembrance Day

Week 7: 13-19 New ReleasesEngagement Question Consumer Reports  Remembrance Day Closed

Week 8: 20-26 New ReleasesEngagement Question NoveList Read Canadian  Hunting for a Good Read


Week 9: 27-3 New Releases Christmas Quote A-Z Travel Gifts for Book Lovers

Week 10: 4-10New Releases Christmas QuoteOverdrive/Libby Solstice

Week 11: 11-17New ReleasesChristmas Quote PressReader New Year's Eve

Week 12: 18-24New ReleasesChristmas Quote LinkedIn Learning  Christmas

Week 13: 25-31Christmas QuoteChristmas QuoteChristmas Quote Christmas Wishes

2022 Q3

TRACpac app graphic


Week 1: 3-9    Road TripEngagement Question PressReader Book Sale

Week 2: 10-16 Picture BooksLibby Book Quote - Stephen King

Week 3: 17-23 Beach ReadsPronunciatorLearning

Week 4: 24-30 Camp Out | kids  Camp Out | 9-12 HooplaImagination


Week 5: 31-6  Camp Out | Teens & Adults Engagement QuestionAncestryBooks to Read

Week 6: 7-13  Healthy EatingAtoZ Travel Read with us

Week 7: 14-20Shark ReadsLibbyBook Quote - George RR Martin

Week 8: 21-28Summer SuspenseCypressWhat are you reading?


Week 9: 28-3    Books to DVDEngagement QuestionHoopla Learn a language

Week 10: 4-10  Graphic Novels | kidsLibbyRead more

Week 11: 11-17 Fall in LoveAtoZ Food   Book Quote - JRR Tolkien

Week 12: 18-24 Pirate DayExploraLinkedIn Learning Reading glasses

Week 13: 25-30Orange Shirt Day HooplaReading is...

2022 Q2 - click icon to view


Week 1: 3-9    Book ClubsOverdrive Poetry Month Spring Engagement QuestionJoin Book Club

Week 2: 10-16 SpringHoopla Easter Sharing information

Week 3: 17-23 Fact or FictionExploraLibrary Card Promo

Week 4: 24-30 DIYHobbies & CraftsEngagement Question Learning Quote


Week 5: 1-7  Science FictionHoopla May the 4thLibraries make communities

Week 6: 8-14  LighheartedLibby Engagement Question Mother's Day

Week 7: 15-21MysteriesHoopla Mental HealthTolkien Book Quote

Week 8: 22-28RoadtripPronunciator Cypress Resume Engagement QuestionGood Book Quote


Week 9: 29-4    All is Calm, Teen  All is Calm, AdultHoopla Audio Hoopla PrideEngagement Question Audio Month

Week 10: 5-11  I Do!Home ImprovementEngagement Question Book Quote-Rowlin

Week 11: 12-18 Binge Worthy SeriesLibby Did you know

Week 12: 19-25 Grill EverythingCloudLibrary1st Day Summer Father's Day

Week 13: 26-2 SRP 0-8SRP 9-12SRP TeensSRP Adult Press ReaderBookworm vs Bookdragon

2022 Q1 - click icon to view

Hoopla Binge Pass | Magazines | Great Courses | Curiosity Stream

LinkedIn Learning Update Graphic | Message

Have you heard about Lynda? She’s now LinkedIn Learning! 

If you’ve taken advantage of the AMAZING learning opportunities on Lynda.com, make sure you use the same account to log in to LinkedIn Learning to automatically transfer your activities and achievements before May 2022. After that, you can kiss Lynda (and everything you accomplished together) goodbye.


Don’t let it end like this, log in before May 2022.

OverDive - PRLS Graphic 1 & 2 | LibraryAware Handout template - LibraryAware ,search 'Overdrive - PRLS', Half-Flyer-Portrait

Kobo - Graphic 1 & 2 | LibraryAware poster

TRAC app (SOLUS) - customizable marketing material


Week 1: 3-7     New Year, New YouHooplaWRP BooksBonus: Trivia Day (4th) Bonus: Libby

Week 2: 10-14 OrganizedRead Alberta WRP eBooks

Week 3: 17-21 Winnie the Pooh (18th)Cypress ResumeWRP Magazines Edgar Allan Poe (19th)

Week 4: 24-28 WRP | ChildAncestryWRP Audiobooks  Read for 15


Week 5: 31-4  Backwards DayOverDriveWRP Newspaper

Week 6: 7-11  Anti-ValentineHoopla WRP Movies

Week 7: 14-18WRP | TeenLinkedIn LearningWRP eResources  Funny Valentine

Week 8: 21-25WRP | AdultCloud Library WRP eAudiobooks


Week 9: 28-4    Winter Reading | KidsExploraToo cold - eResources

Week 10: 7-11  Cozy MysteriesNovelistInternational Women's Day (8th)

Week 11: 14-18 Luck of the IrishOverdrive | kidsPi Day (14th)

Week 12: 21-25 Armchair TravelHoopla | kidsTolkien Reading Day (25th)

Week 13: 28-1 Fun & PranksterPronunciatortea. book. sweater. repeat.

Bookmarks see attached files:

2021 Q4 - click icon to view

October Canadian Library Month: Full set of graphics from CFLA

October TeenTober: Full set of graphics from YALSA

Week 1: 4-8     Cozy MysteryConsumer ReportCanadian Library  Bonus: LibbyBonus: Consumer Reports

Consumer Report suggested message: October is #FirePreventionMonth. Are your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors 10 years old or more? Buy the best replacements with advice from @ConsumerReports. 

Consumer Report suggested message: Make yard waste cleanup go faster this fall with an electric leaf blower. Research top performers with @ConsumerReports.

Week 2: 11-15 Pre-TeensExplora Library Worker Day (15th) Bonus: Pie a la mode

Explora suggested message: Need help completing research or homework assignments? Ask a librarian about Explora, an easy-to-use research tool.

Explora suggested message: Teachers Did you know that Explora has an Educator's Edition Log in to find professional development resources, lesson plans and more.

Week 3: 18-22 TeensLibby Spooky ClassicsBook-a-Day (LibraryAware)

Week 4: 25-29 AdultLibby Halloween  Canadian School Library Day (25th) Bonus: Graphic


Week 5: 1-5    HeartwarmingConsumer ReportBook Quote

Consumer Report suggested message: Black Friday is approaching! @ConsumerReports helps you research products, from treadmills to tech gadgets, before you buy.

Week 6: 8-12  Remembrance DayCloud Library Book Quote

Week 7: 15-19TeensPress ReaderTardis

Week 8: 22-26KidsConsumer Report Book Quote

Consumer Reports suggested message: In the market for a new car? End of year is a good time to buy. Find the one that's right for you with reviews from @ConsumerReports

Week 9: 29-3 Baking Novelist Best Gift - Library Card


Week 10: 6-10    Winter HolidaysAuto RepairBook Quote

Auto Repair suggested message: Find up-to-date service and repair information for thousands of cars and trucks — at the library!

Week 11: 13-17  Jane AustenPronunciator Jane Austen (16th)

Week 12: 20-25 HyggeHome ImprovementsUgly Sweater Day (20th) Small Engine Repair

Home Improvements suggested message: Measure twice, cut once. Be sure to check out #HomeImprovement Reference Center’s digital toolbox before starting your next home project in the new year.

Small Engine Repair suggested message: Is a blizzard headed your way? Prepare your snowblower before the flakes fly. Find maintenance and repair info in Small Engine Repair Reference Center.  All you need is a library card!

Be sure to include your library's eResource link when promoting on social media.


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